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How Does EventCombo Work?


Have your event up and running in the amount of time it takes to put your shoes on.


Increase your event’s exposure to a new audience, use our tools to invite people and send reminders. Get free Facebook Advertising and more!


Focus on your event, while our platform handles all the details, including scanning and guestlists.


Your event destination

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to create and manage your event with EventCombo
Quick and easy setup
Sell tickets and offer registration directly from your website
Get help promoting your event on Facebook, Email and more
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Free events are FREE for everyone

Bring your free events online and take advantage of the numerous benefits of online registration. Get a pulse of who your attendees are by having them RSVP or Register for your Free events in advance.
Quick and easily setup, start collecting additional info from your attendees
Free events take approx. 30 seconds to register for
Get help with marketing and promotions, you'll get extra exposure for your events
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Pump up your numbers

Enhance your promotions and connect with a larger audience through our event discovery and strategic support. With EventCombo, you’ll have technology, experience and our guidance backing you every step of the way.
Create unlimited ticket options and promotional codes
Get online and offline logistical support
Eliminate bottlenecks at your entry point with our quick eticket scanning
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Bring people together

Planning a nightclub bash? Throwing an afterparty? No matter how big or small, we’re your one-stop destination for all things parties! Set up an event page, send email invites, track everything, and collect payments. Fast and efficient, it's how we rock.
Get free advertising through us on Facebook
Use your smartphone to access your attendees and event data
We're always free for free events
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Rock your ticket sales

Go ahead, let us take your concert experience to another level. Create, manage, and have a sold out concert! Any concert, whether it's a small performance or a 25,000 attendee multi-day show, we can handle it all. Through our integrated ticketing with and without box-office support, you'll have a fun, positive experience and your fans will love the convenience.
Get social media support like none other
Use our scanning capability to speed up point-of-entry
Have reserved seating? No problem!
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More support

You're a quick step away from setting up an event to raise money. Our support begins from the moment you create your event all the way to making sure your milestones are being satisfied. We'll help you promote your agenda or cause through our email list and marketing to assure success.
Receive a substantial discount on fees [we cut fees by 50% for Non-Profits]
Get free advertising on Facebook and exposure on social
Increase your donations through EventCombo
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Making things simple

You can have any type of conference set up and start accepting registrations within minutes. Our powerful platform is built for simplicity and maximizes results. Go ahead, let us help increase your attendance.
No licensed software, set up fees or contracts required
Customize and collect more attendee info during the registration process
Give your members discounted rates and communicate through us
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Score with EventCombo!

Our powerful platform allows you to set up a customized and reliable registration process, allowing attendees and teams to easily sign up. We can handle all types of sports, from arenas to races. For your sporting events, bet on EventCombo.
Ready. Set. Go! Our tools are as easy as 1-2-3
Increase sales and win each time
We're always here to support you, 365/24/7
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Influence the change

No matter what the agenda, EventCombo has you covered. Drive more people to any type of event, whether it's a ceremony, a gala dinner, a town hall or a meeting, we are there to assure increased attendance.
Use our custom forms to satisfy any requirements
With real time scanning and attendee management, guarantee efficiency
Use our promotional tools to increase attendees and exposure
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Teach, Inspire, Grow

Sharing your expertise is your passion and we can help you reach and teach more people. You can organize a class or any type of session and we will help bring you more students.
Customize the registration form to get more info from your students
Embed our registration right on your website
Let us help you spread the word via emails and social media
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Our Features: Work smarter, not harder

Let us worry about the details. Use our simple set up process to organize and manage your events.
Our event page = your event page

Customize and design your event page, make it your own. With unlimited ticket options, reserved seating and customized forms to get more details about your attendees, do anything.

Easy payments

Accept all major credit/debit cards and PayPal payments. Get real time tracking of your sales, easily process refunds and so much more. And get advanced payments!

Promo support

We support your events with email and social advertising. Your event page is shared with numerous tools to help you get the word out. Reach your attendees by sending invitations and emails directly through EventCombo.

Bundle tickets and make more money

Your attendees buy things before, during and after the event. Why not participate in this micro-economy you are creating with your event? Add Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Parking, Restaurants and merchandise for your customers and increase your profits.

Multiple dates and times customization

Does your event/festival/conference have multiple dates and times? No problem! You can set up and customize tickets with multiple dates and times all under ONE event. We make it super easy to manage numerous dates and times with our advanced technology.

Multiple venues customization

Does your event/festival/conference have more than one venue? No problem! You can set up and customize tickets with multiple venues under ONE event. We make it super easy to manage an event with more than one venue with our advanced technology.

Around the clock info at your finger tips

Always stay ahead by knowing your sales and attendee info. We keep you informed via our smooth EventPilot dashboard and real time reports.

365/24/7 human support

You don't have to search through any FAQs or automated systems to get help. EventCombo's team is here to help you in real time around the clock.

Attendee management is fun

With our point-of-entry scanning app and easy to use platform, entry point time is drastically reduced. Sell tickets and allow attendees real time entry at the event and so much more with EventComb's EntryPilot app.

It’s quick, easy and free to start

Don't take our word for it, go ahead and try it out.
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"Eventcombo goes above & beyond our expectations as a strategic partner. They execute quickly and we rely on their technology"

Scott Jermyn, Cofounder,

“Winter Film Awards is delighted to partner with Eventcombo, which differentiates itself in the ticketing space by focusing on community support and superior customer service. Via Eventcombo, we ran our Film Festival, which had a complex ticketing structure that included 18 ticketed events with a variety of ticket types, prices and discounts. Everything went absolutely smoothly!”

Steffanie Finn, Director, Winter Film Awards

"EventCombo has become a vital part of our operation as we shifted to online sales"

Samuel Harps, Artistic Director, Shades Repertory Theater


Always Free for free events

There is no charge to anyone for free events.

Lowest fees on paid tickets

We pride ourselves on having arguably the lowest fees on the web for online ticketing! Per ticket, the Eventcombo Service Fee is: 2% + $0.99 and Merchant Processing Fee is 3%. Your attendees can pay this nominal fee, or you can absorb it, or you can split it. We do whatever you like. For non-profits, fees are reduced by 50%.

Get paid FAST

We also rock on our payment delivery. You'll get your funds immediately after the event or even before the event! Just let us know what you prefer.

EventCombo Rewards

Considering we are The Future of Event Technology™, we go above and beyond to satisfy your customers by offering them a great value and smooth experience.

To make it easier to retain your attendees, we offer reward points to each customer. For each ticket a customer buys for your event, we give them 10 reward points. After 100 reward points, your customer receives $10 off their entire order, on the house! Your attendees can accumulate as many reward points as they want and we'll take care of them for you.

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